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4 years Au Pair!


Im September beginnt Enisa's 4. Jahr als Au Pair. Wie es dazu kam erzählt sie uns hier:
> Enisa, you spent two years as an au pair in the USA, came back home and then you decided to become an au pair again, can you explain why?
"I have decided to be an Au Pair again because my first experience as an Au Pair was amazing. First I loved the kids, the host family, I loved the USA and I was really happy that I've had the chance to be Au Pair again. Also, coming back to the same family made it even better. I knew the kids, the family, the area and I already had a lot of friends."
> How did you change during your first stay in the USA? What is different now / when you returned? 
"While I was here, the first time, I didn't realize how much I have changed until I came back home . I was a different person, more mature with a lot of experience in every aspect of life. Also, my English was really good. I felt I was a totally different person. Things have changed here too since I was in the USA for the first time. The kids are 2 years older and they have changed the school. I have met a lot of new people, new Au Pairs . I am traveling with my host family to different places. It feels like a totally new experience but with the same people."
> Did you take different courses now at the College/University? 
"I have already taken 2 courses at school, so I have finished with the first year Education. I went to the same school again, but attended new classes. I loved it a lot, it is an amazing way to meet new people from all over the world and to learn a lot of things in a really fun way."
> You extended another year, so by the end you have been an au pair for 4 years, which is really cool!
"Yes! From September onwards I will officially be an Au Pair in my 4th year, with the same host family! I just love to be here, I feel like a part of the family, the kids are great, the host parents are amazing and I wanna enjoy this time that I have left."

Thanks Enisa and have an awesome 4th year :)
Wusstest Du, dass Du als ehemaliges Cultural Care Au Pair die Option hast ein zweites Mal als Au Pair in die USA zu gehen? Die Voraussetzungen dafür sind, dass du noch vor Deinem 27. Geburtstag wieder in die USA einreist und Dein letzter Au Pair Aufenthalt mindestens 2 Jahre zurückliegt. Melde Dich gleich wieder zu einem Infotreffen an!